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A dog brought this multimillionaire and a homeless woman together!

At The Light House we strive to develop relationships and create safe space and honest conversation.  You can never know or help the reasons why people are experiencing homelessness unless they feel safe to share and you listen.

Wealthy developer Steve Witkoff had just moved his offices to West 57th Street — Manhattan’s Billionaires’ Row — when he first laid eyes on Lasharn Francis Harvey and her sand-colored dog, Sahara.

Lasharn had set up a sleeping bag outside the massive granite facade, and would lay her head on the cold sidewalk every night.

In the morning, Lasharn would routinely call out, “Have a blessed day!” as he entered his building.

Steve knew his life was blessed. He develops millions of square feet of offices and condos in New York, Miami and London. But he also felt cursed, by heartbreak, since the death of his 22-year-old son, Andrew, five years ago from an Oxycontin overdose.

Maybe there was a way, he thought, to help Lasharn. He didn’t realize she could help him, too.

Lasharn was born 43 years ago in Chicago, and, for a while, life was good. She went to college and aspired to run her own business. She sold a co-op in 2008, and invested the $140,000 profit in a technology she saw as a sure thing.  Read More….